AOfPR’s first publication

This is a very special date! I am happy and proud to present to you the official inaugural first issue of AOfPR!

Since the establishment of AOSPR from 2000 till now, there were many changes. They were positive changes. We have improved our website, have had many good meetings and increased the number of members. And now, here comes our own sharing platform within Asian countries: the AOfPR. This is a new beginning and is the first step towards starting our own new journal on the internet. This is an opportunity for different countries within Asia to share and exchange experiences. I am honoured to be the Guest Editor of this 1st issue.

In this issue, our previous Founding President, Professor Mutsuhisa Fujioka; Past Presidents, Professor David Stringer and Professor In-one Kim will share their experiences with us. There are also some case reports and an article about ‘How I do it’.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the members of our Editorial Board and webmasters for their great efforts to have made this possible.